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Lynnwood is notoriously difficult on DUI drivers. David Jolly should know, he was the City of Lynnwood prosecutor for more than three years and prosecuted thousands of DUI cases. If you have been arrested for DUI in Lynnwood call David Jolly for a complimentary consultation.

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Arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Everett?  If so you must immediately discuss you situation with an experienced DUI Lawyer. Everett has one of the top attorneys in the State of Washington who is there to help, David Jolly.  At the Law Firm of David N. Jolly, our firm is dedicated to drunk driving defense.  To that end David Jolly has authored more DUI books that any other lawyer in Snohomish County.  Many lawyers are general practitioners and have not had the training and dedication to be able to successfully defend Washington's most complicated misdemeanor. At THE LAW FIRM OF DAVID N. JOLLY, our firm stays ahead of the pack attending national conventions and writing books about DUI defense for other attorneys.

The attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly represent clients charged withDUI in Snohomish County and throughout the State of Washington with our primary focus being in Everett.   We understand the local court rules, the local Judges and prosecutors and just as important, they know us.  If you have been arrested please contact our office to talk with a 
DUI Lawyer.  Everett is also where we are located, so we’re easy to find and located centrally across from the Snohomish County District Court and Everett Municipal Court.  

Our only job is to fight hard and protect every client.  We take our role and its impact on your life very, very seriously. Many Everett lawyers don't understand the difficulty with defending someone charged with DUI.  Some clients don't either- and that's the problem. Some people believe that they should plead guilty just to get it over with. That is not a good idea. and we strongly urge you not to even consider it.  A conviction for DUI in Washington has significant penalties and severe consequences. Losing a driver's license and spending time in jail are just some of the unwanted hazards associated with a DUI conviction. Other collateral consequences will include a dramatic increase in car insurance rates, license suspensions, SR 22 insurance and possibly the installation and maintenance of an Interlock system installed in your vehicle at your expense.

DUI, also typically referred to as drunk driving is a misdemeanor criminal offense in Washington. To be convicted in Washington for DUI, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver of the vehicle was operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher or was impaired by drugs or was appreciably impaired.  Oftentimes, the prosecutor tries to prove this by a breath or blood test. The prosecutor also uses the arresting officer's testimony on the driver's performance on the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.  However, these are often flawed mechanisms of proof and very few attorneys are aware how to challenge the validity of the breath or blood test or the field sobriety tests.  The lawyers at our Everett DUI Law Firm do!

We fight, we defend, we protect. If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Snohomish County you need an aggressive and experienced
DUI lawyer.  Everett attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly are those attorneys to call.  Let our years of dedication and skill to protect your rights and liberty.  Contact us today for a free consultation at (425) 493-1115 for a free consultation!

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David N. Jolly has served as a State Prosecuting Attorney and Municipal Prosecuting Attorney, so he knows first-hand how the prosecution works and thinks. In addition, he's taken the same training courses police agencies require with respect to Field Sobriety Testing, so he recognizes not only the laws, but also the science used in DUI cases. Another factor to consider is that Snohomish County criminal attorney David Jolly has authored 14 DUI books, more than any other Washington State criminal defense attorney.

The Law Firm of David N. Jolly will use their substantial DUI trial experience and years of knowledge to make a difference in your case.  The Snohomish County criminal lawyer with the Law Firm of David N. Jolly can help CDL license holders and licensed professionals accused of Washington DUI , as well as those with prior drunk driving offenses.  Charges like driving under the influence are serious so a serious defense is your only option.

The Snohomish County criminal defense lawyers at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly have a reputation for aggressive and skilled criminal defense. Contact them today by calling (425) 493-1115, and let the Law Firm of David N. Jolly put their credentials and experience to work for you.

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Defending our clients in criminal courts is serious business and one that we work hard to perfect. Our goal is simple, protect and serve our clients and work hard to obtain the very best outcome possible.


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The Everett criminal defense attorneys at the Law Firm of David Jolly have successfully handled a wide range of criminal cases throughout our many years of practice. We will be able to offer you legal assistance in the following areas: drug crimes, theft, DUI, criminal trespass, assault, hit and run, reckless driving, malicious mischief, reckless endangerment, traffic infractions, and negligent driving in the first degree. Our criminal defense attorneys and Everett DUI Lawyers can also provide experienced assistance if you face the daunting prospect of an alleged probation violation or a probation review.

You can count on discretion from all of our staff and attorneys when you contact our office for a review of your case.  We also promise an honest and accurate analysis of the matter in order to help you make the right choices based upon the unique circumstances of your charges. Regardless of the criminal charge you are facing, David Jolly can help you get started in the right direction - away from a jail cell and toward a brighter future. It is imperative that you contact my office immediately upon arrest so that your situation can be assessed and our Snohomish County criminal defense lawyers can take the first steps necessary to obtain you a favorable outcome.

Being charged with DUI in Marysville is one of the most difficult things you'll likely have to deal with.  You will be facing jail, the revocation of your driver's license, an ignition interlock, alcohol evaluation, expensive fines and five years of probation. Our Marysville DUI lawyers and Law Firm staff have more than 30 years of experience - we can help! 

DUI laws are strict in Marysville. DUI lawyers can save you money and help you protect your freedom and your right to drive. Many people who are charged with a DUI feel like there's nothing they can do. But there are numerous legal mechanisms that are in place for your protection – mechanisms that a Marysville DUI attorney can help you understand and use in your case. 

In Marysville, DUI lawyers can help you in a number of ways. To see how, it’s important to understand how the process works when you are charged with a DUI. After you’re arrested, the state Department of Licensing may suspend your driver’s license as soon as 60 days later. This is separate from the criminal proceedings, but you can request a hearing with the Department of Licensing to keep your license pending the outcome of the criminal case. This hearing request needs to be filed within 20 days following your DUI arrest in Marysville. DUI lawyers will help you through the process. 

Given how severely DUI offenders are treated in Marysville, DUI lawyers are essential for the court proceedings as well. From the day of your arraignment (your first court date) through to the final court date, having a skilled attorney makes a crucial difference. Think about the possible penalties you face. If there's a fine, how steep will it be? How much jail will you have to serve? And will you still be able to legally drive a car once this is all over? You may feel a lot of uncertainties going into a court case, and it can be overwhelming. These are questions our Marysville DUI attorneys can help you sort out – and make sure you have the best fighting chance possible. 

There are also penalties many people don't know about. Jail is the most serious penalty, but the Marysville Municipal Court or the Snohomish County District Court can also order you into a Drug/Alcohol Treatment Program. Even if rehabilitation isn't ordered, you still must complete an alcohol /drug evaluation and alcohol/drug information school. You must also complete a session of the DUI victim panel, where those whose lives have been affected by drunk driving will share their stories. All of these options are routinely used by judges in Snohomish County and Marysville. DUI lawyers can help you navigate these complicated options and programs. 

If you are in legal trouble, it is important to hire a good criminal defense lawyer. Marysville is a good place to start to find one of the most sought after law firms in the area. The Law Firm of David N. Jolly has qualified attorneys that are extremely knowledgeable of the laws that affect you. We offer you personalized service and one on one consultation to make sure we fully represent you and understand your situation. We seek to make sure that we understand your case fully and also understand your needs. It is important to you and to us that you are able to continue on with your life as planned after such an event occurs. We are here to review your case and discuss different possible outcomes. We seek the best possible resolution of your case. You need the best DUI attorney Marysville has to offer and that is with the David N. Jolly Law Firm. You deserve the most qualified lawyers in the area representing you. 

We just cannot express enough the importance of hiring a good criminal defense attorney. Marysville, Washington has many knowledgeable attorneys who have been handling DUI cases for many years. We have well known and respected attorneys in the Washington state area. Our associates know the law and keep up to date on the law and any changes that may affect you. Although we may not be able to have your case dismissed, we are successful in getting a ruling that is acceptable to all parties. 

We believe that we are the best and we are affordable. We are looking to help you in your DUI case and offer you the best representation we can; not be unreasonable with our fees. We build a relationship with each of our clients and try to understand your situation and needs. That is why so many people call us when they need a DUI attorney. Marysville offers you our best associates who are here to serve you and be your ally in your case. 

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Being arrested for driving under the influence DUI in Lynnwood is a serious matter.  This is particularly the case if your cases is filed in Lynnwood Municipal Court and you are facing Judge Moore.  Many people will automatically plead guilty, believing they have no legal options. This is far from the truth. The truth is you have a better chance at doing significantly better with the help of a skilled and experienced DUI lawyer.  Lynnwood is notorious for its DUI patrols, and I should know as I was the Lynnwood prosecuting attorney for nearly four years.  If you are arrested for a DUI you must fight the charge and take action to try to avoid the consequences of a conviction.  Because of our intimate knowledge of the Lynnwood court system and Lynnwood police officers, we are well aware of the tactics used by the prosecution to prepare your case and has a keen insight into what steps to counter their charges.

In cases of DUI, a Lynnwood police officer, Snohomish County Sheriff's Deputy or Washington State Patrol Trooper will begin the DUI process by pulling over a suspect that is believed to be driving while intoxicated. The officer will then administer field sobriety tests and breath and blood tests to determine the driver's blood alcohol content (BAC). Common tests such as the walk and turn test, one-legged stand or horizontal gaze nystagmus test are given to the driver. If an officer believes that the driver has been drinking enough to have his or her abilities too impaired to operate a vehicle, the driver will be arrested on the spot. In some cases, an officer will do this for an individual with a BAC below.08% but who appears to have their abilities impaired.

Immediately following your DUI arrest, booking into the Lynnwood City Jail or Snohomish County Jail, and subsequent release or payment of bail, you are strongly advised to get in contact with a DUI lawyer. Lynnwood, and indeed in any jurisdiction in Snohomish County, it is critical you speak to an attorney.  Our Lynnwood DUI Law Firm can help you so please call us today for a complimentary consultation.  

With drunk driving cases, two separate hearings are held. The first of which must be scheduled within 20 days of your initial arrest, so it is important to act hastily during this time. At your DOL hearing, your case will be presented and determined whether you should keep your driving privileges at the current time. Without this administrative hearing, your driver's license will automatically be suspended.

After the DOL hearing concludes, you and your Lynnwood DUI lawyer will construct an aggressive defense for your criminal court proceeding.   When working with a law firm well-versed in criminal and DUI law, your lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case to determine if your arrest was the result of an unlawful police stop, an unlawful arrest or if you breath or blood test (or refusal of either) should be suppressed.
If you have been arrested you need an experienced DUI Lawyer. Lynnwood DUI attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly have a reputation for providing his clients with excellent legal representation and superior personal service. The attorneys are dedicated to defending the rights of Washington citizens who have been charged with drinking and driving. A member of the Washington Bar Association, and the Washington Criminal Defense Bar, David Jolly remains knowledgeable about effective DUI defense strategies by regularly attending national drunk driving related conferences.  He also has authored 14 DUI and traffic books, which no other Snohomish County DUI lawyer can equal.  Further, David Jolly has handled more than 5,000 DUI cases in Lynnwood Municipal Court because he was the Lynnwood prosecuting attorney for more than 3 years - you can count on his experience and knowledge of this court.

There are many DUI defenses that a skilled and aggressive legal team can bring to your case. Each step of the case that was built against you involves possible errors that might have been made by law enforcement. From the police stop all the way to your arrest, there are set practices that must be followed by officers in order for their evidence to apply. Was your police stop warranted? Did the person who tested your breath have the proper training? Was the breathalyzer apparatus used properly maintained? There are numerous factors that can affect the outcome of your case. Each step offers us the opportunity of challenging the evidence and possibly having your charges reduced or dismissed.

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The City of Marysville in Washington is home to the Marysville Municipal Court, which hosts cases from both Marysville and Lake Stevens. With two full time Judges and in-house prosecuting attorneys, Marysville can be an intimidating location to receive a DUI charge. Phone our Law Firm to discuss your options following an arrest for DUI in Marysville.

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Being arrested for driving under the influence is a horrible and even life changing experience. It is our job as Snohomish County DUI defense attorneys to help you in such situations. We have many objectives as criminal defense attorneys such as dismissing or reducing your charge, mitigating the penalties, and ensuring that a bad situation not only does not get worse, but goes as smoothly as possible.Where some lawyers are intimidated or not knowledgeable about the DUI defense, the lawyers at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly knows the Washington DUI laws and will attack your case to get the best possible result in your case. Having excellent legal guidance doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive and we give you options:  our different attorneys charge different fees and our payment plans are very reasonable.

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David Jolly Law did a professional and excellent job representing me in this case. His ENTIRE office was extremely helpful and professional! Not only did they help me during this very difficult process, but they also help me clarify the incident to my new employer- which resulted in me being hired. I cannot say enough about this Law firms professionalism and follow-up!!!!!!!!!!!​

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If you have been charged with a crime in Snohomish County you will receive a Summons to appear in court approximately one month after the arrest - there are some notable exceptions of course. If you have been arrested in a local City such as Everett, Lynnwood or Marysville, your court appearance will be immediate.

If you have been arrested for a crime in Everett or anywhere in Snohomish County you must talk to an lawyer before you rights are violated.  An Everett criminal defense attorney can offer you immediate help and the possibility of options that might make the outcome in your case far more palatable. The criminal defense attorneys and staff at the Everett DUI Law Firm of David Jolly have more than 30 years of criminal law experience.  This experience includes prosecuting for the State of Washington and the City of Lynnwood.  We therefore have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively defend those charged with theft and to keep those charged out of jail.  The same is true for driving under the influence so please call one of our Snohomish County criminal defense attorneys immediately following your arrest. With the Everett DUI Attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly you are making a good investment in your future.

The great majority of investigation and negotiation done on a criminal case occurs in the window of time between the arraignment and the first pretrial hearing. While it is advised that a person facing a criminal charge in Snohomish County have an attorney prior to arraignment, it is vital that a Snohomish County criminal defense Lawyer be contacted well in advance of the pretrial hearing. Snohomish County criminal attorney David Jolly will fight hard to ensure your rights are protected, and aggressively fight your charges to help you avoid a license suspension and other serious penalties It is important to understand every step of the process and that first step begins with a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer.  Snohomish County attorney David Jolly offers free consultations for everyone, simply call and ask – no obligation.   

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If you’re facing the prospect of jail in Everett following an arrest for a crime, you’re wise to seek a criminal defense attorney. Everett, WA is tough on both drunk drivers and repeat offenders. What seems like a minor charge can end up having major repercussions in your life and can affect your right to drive and even employment.  When facing these kinds of charges you need to have the advice of a criminal defense attorney. Snohomish County is the home to the experience criminal justice lawyers at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly.

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Everett is a City that takes prosecuting driving under the influence very seriously. If you have been arrested for DUI by an Everett police officer expect a court date within days of your arrest. In such cases it is imperative that you consult with an Everett DUI lawyer immediately.

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